Bamboo: has recently become a very popular flooring product. The two main reasons are its hardness, and also because it is a “green” product. Bamboo has one of the best ratings on the Janka Hardness Scale, meaning it is more difficult to scratch or gauge than a red oak hardwood. This allows bamboo to be great for any room in your home including high traffic areas!
The other reason that bamboo has become more popular is because of its Eco-friendly nature. Bamboo is a good alternative to wood because it replenishes itself quickly and on its own. When the stalks are harvested, the root system remains, protecting against runoff and sprouting new growth.Bamboo grows like the weed it is: as much as a foot a day, reaching full height within six months and harvest strength in four years. A tree, by contrast, must be replanted and takes 20 to 120 years to mature to harvest.
Cork: is also a green product because it is produced from the bark of trees. But does not have a very good hardness rating. Some of the benefits include…
Comfort & Softness

The air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork provides a natural shock absorbing feel to the floor. It’s great for applications where you are standing a lot such as in a Kitchen providing relief for your feet, back and legs.
Noise Reduction
The same cellular structure that makes the floor comfortable also reduces noise and vibration. Unlike hard materials like tile, wood or vinyl, cork is quiet and reduces impact noise such as something dropping on the floor or the sound of walking by people or pets.
Durability and Ease of Maintenance
Durability is a strong trait of cork and cork floors have been used in public buildings such as churches and libraries since 1898, long before residential applications.
Here are some of the Manufacturers we offer for bamboo and cork flooring