Teragren Bamboo

 Teragren Bamboo floors is a great way to go “green“. Bamboo is a fast growing grass that is compressed together using special technology to create a wood floor. The reason why bamboo flooring is considered green is because you can get the product from the same plant many times.Teragren bamboo floors offer peace of mind. Each is FloorScore®-certified, one of the most rigorous air quality standards in the world. FloorScore® ensures the quality of indoor air for high performance schools and offices and meets stringent standards for 78 volatile organic compounds. You can expect the same high quality of air in every room with a Teragren floor.
 Teragren Collections:

  • Synergy
  • Portfolio Lock&Fold
  • Synergy Wide Plank Floating Floor
  • Studio Wide Plank Floating Floor
  • Craftsman II Long Plank
  • Signature Colors
  • Signature Naturals
  • Elements