Appalachian Flooring is a fairly new company, it opened in 2004 in Canada and has been making beautiful hardwood floors ever since. Their prestige grade is one of the most consistent ones in the industry which makes them have a great product if you are going for that look in you home. They also have colonial grade which will have more color variation and antique grade which will is in between the colonial and prestige in terms of character.
Evershine™offers enhanced protection for your floor. There are other finishes that exist which also promise resistance to wear; however, their abrasion-resistant layer is usually applied beneath the topcoat. This means that the top layer of the finish remains susceptible to wear. This can result in your floor becoming noticeably dull in high traffic areas.The Evershine™ advantage is that the abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide particles are in the very top layer of the finish, thereby protecting the original appearance of your floor.  Evershine offers you:

  • 35 year warranty on wear through
  • Seven coats of UV cured polyurethane
  • Advanced Nanotechnology & Aluminum Oxide
  • Ultra-fresh™ anti-microbial additive
Red Oak Prestige:

Hard Maple Prestige:

American Cherry Prestige:

Hickory Millrun:


Appalachian American Cherry Prestige 3-1/4″