Kahrs flooring is made in Sweden and one of the best floating hardwood floor companies out there. They offer elegant Click-loc hardwood floors which are great in any room in your home. Their modern 3-Strip products give any room a new look after then are installed!

Kahrs Originals

 Kahrs Originals:

  • American Naturals Collection
  • American Traditional Collection
  • Artisan Collection
  • Bayside Collection
  • European Naturals Collection
  • Harmony Collection
  • Scandinavian Naturals Collection
  • Vineyard Collection
  • World Collection
Kahrs Linnea Collection
 Kahrs Linnea:

  • Living Collection
Kahrs Spirit Collection
 Kahrs Spirit:

  • Rugged Collection
  • Unity Collection
 Kahrs Promotional Grade:

  • 1-Strip Avanti Sonata Collection
  • 3-Strip Avanti Tres Collection