US Floors Castle Combe

   Castle Combe provides the look and feel of an ancient, reclaimed floor and combines it with the modern performance features of a 21st century engineered floor. These inspiring, beautifully aged, handcrafted FSC-certified floors may be the most interesting, unique,   head-turning floor covering AND wall panelling you’ve seen in many years.
Avon is featured in the Manor House series distinguished by smooth, raised knots and are sculpted and sanded by hand. The floors of Manor House provide rich, rustic look, and a tailored, modern finish.

Castle Combe (Avon on floor, Cotswolds on wall)
Castle Combe (For floor and walls):

  • Avon
  • Bristol
  • Chippenham
  • Cotswolds
  • Gloucester
  • Malmsbury
  • Sevington
  • Sodcury
  • Worcester